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Meet Mitt’s latest foreign policy adviser: Gen. Tommy Franks

AKA, the fourth worst general in American history.

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(Video) In his book, Cheney still usurping Bush’s authority

George W. Bush says he authorized the military to shoot down passenger planes on 9/11, and that he was the “decider” on invading Iraq. Dick Cheney begs to differ…

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Thank you, John McCain

Yes, that John McCain. The Arizona Senator, who in recent years has seemed to veer so far off his “maverick” persona as to be unrecognizable (at least to the media), and who brought us Sarah Palin, this week took a … Continue reading

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(Video) ICYMI: The ‘Last Word’ Condi Rice interview

I’m not sure what’s more amazing about this interview; former Bush National Security Advisor and Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice’s crumbling decorum and seeming imperviousness to any fact that exists after March of 2003, or the fact that clips of … Continue reading

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Flashback: Bush, Rumsfeld scuttled plan to get al-Qaida’s number two in 2005

Now that Osama bin Laden is dead, the focus of the international terrorism manhunt shifts to al-Qaida’s number two: Ayman al-Zawahiri. But did the Bush administration let him slip through their fingers in 2005?

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Holder unleashed? Justice drops Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, DOMA defense

Donald Rumsfeld, Paul Wolfowitz and other neocons from the George W. Bush administration can continue to fight accusations that they kidnapped and tortured American citizen Jose Padilla, but they’ll no longer have the Justice Department’s lawyers in their corner.

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‘Curveball’ made it all up about Iraq. So now Colin Powell wants answers

The unmasking of “Curveball,” the Iraqi informant who made up lies about mobile chemical/biological weapons being developed in his home country in order to spur the Bush administration to give in to its desire to invade Iraq, has led to … Continue reading

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The Bush tax cut time bomb, and David Waldman on reconciliation

Howard Kurtz at the Daily Beast writes up how the Bushies laid the ultimate tax cut trap for Democrats, by “sunsetting” the Bush tax cuts. They knew, of course, that once enacted, they’d never go away. Meanwhile, Congress Matters’ David … Continue reading

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Book tours for war criminals? Or, what the London mayor told Dubya

Jay Leno and the folks over at Fox “News” may find George W. Bush’s tale of waterboardin’ and fetus-in-a-jar hijinx to be just the greatest of fun, but in most of the world, the first of those two things is … Continue reading

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The man Dick Cheney shot

Nearly five years after the former vice president shot him in the face, Harry Whittington is still suffering physically, and still waiting for an apology from Dick Cheney. Read more at the Washington Post.

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