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George Will explains it all: the GOP’s California dreamin’

When George Will is the most sensible person on the roundtable, you know we’re in deep trouble. This week on “This Week,” Will served the meritorious purpose of bursting Charlie Cook and the mainstream media clique’s pundit bubble, explaining that … Continue reading

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This day in irony: Carly Fiorina on MMS chief ‘forced to resign’

Carly Fiorina, completely without irony, harped on the MMS chief, Liz Birnbaum, who essentially took the fall last month, stepping down under fire over the agency’s management of BP’s offshore drilling scheme. You’ll recall that a certain former CEO of … Continue reading

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P.M. Clicks: ‘tough interview’ my a…

Good news and bad news in South Africa. The country’s national team pulls off a tie with Mexico in the fist round, but Nelson Mandela loses a granddaughter to a car crash. Condolences. Meanwhile, Carly Fiorina’s crack media analysis aside, … Continue reading

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Schmucks of the week: catty never wins, signed: anonmyous

Missed last week due to busyness, but we’re back on track. Here they are: #5. Hair critic Carly Fiorina – No one wants to vote for their snotty supervisor. And not for nothing, but not only did you dis your … Continue reading

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Morning clicks: Kendrick Meek goes on offense

I was going to include some helpful voting-related stuff in morning clicks today, but the geniuses at the White House political shop thought it would be a bloody waste of time. Better to just sit back and let Pat Gaspard … Continue reading

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The demon sheep fight back!

(Or “baaaack,” if you’re from either Anaheim or the Dennis Miller school of comedy …) Carly Fiorina’s demon sheep ad is a bona fide Youtube hit (sorry “Pants on the Ground.” You’re still MY favorite …) but it looks like … Continue reading

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And now, for the wierdest campain add … EVER

I think I just figured out why Carly Fiorina crapped out at Hewlett Packard … she’s nuts. Check out this 3 minutes of unholy sheep terror and ask yourself, hasn’t California had enough?

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