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(Video) Wyclef Jean: ‘if I was president’ (and as a matter of fact, he’s running…)

Was Wyclef planning his presidential move when he made this song at the height of the Obama-Hillary Clinton primary? Let the speculation (and the campaign) begin… BTW, before people laugh off Wyclef’s run as a joke, you should note that … Continue reading

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Minutemen drop a dime on ‘Mad Mel’ Gibson

You know that thing where somebody is so angry, so often, then they go so far over the top that they actually become funny? That’s kind of happened with Mel Gibson for me. The latest Exclusive! audio offering from Radar … Continue reading

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ICYMI: Gabrielle Union hit with D-wade homewrecker lawsuit

Miami Heat star Dwayne Wade followed in teammate Shaq’s footsteps by ditching the wifey for someone new. But while Shaq is suing his ex for making him look bad on TV, Dwayne is seeing the other side of the courtroom … Continue reading

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R.I.P. Guru: real hip-hop loses a pioneer

The rapper Guru, who mixed hip-hop with jazz and rose to fame during the age when lyrics actually mattered, has died of cancer at just 43 years old. Rest in peace man. Here are a couple of opportunities to remember … Continue reading

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Diva: Sarah Palin’s contract sparks Californinvestigation

If you want Sarah Palin to speak at your shindig, you’d better have $100,000, a Lear Jet, a thick, wooden lectern for her to hide her hand notes behind, and lots of bendy-straws.… And now that Sarah’s contract to speak … Continue reading

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Raise your hand if you didn’t know Ricky Martin is gay

No hands? All righty then.

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John Mayer’s Twitter falls silent

Waa… I guess it’s just not fun anymore, eh, Mayer? Well, at least not for you… Related: The John Mayer page of shame.

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John Mayer had a ‘hood pass???’

Sure, John Mayer was on The Chappelle Show a couple of times, but then again so was the black dude from “Whose line is it, anyway?” and he sure never had a “hood pass.” And yeah, I like Mayer’s music … Continue reading

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VF’s Tiger issue: behind the golfer’s blank canvas facade

Tiger Woods cultivated an image that was essentially a blank canvas — a non-threatening slate on which advertisers and sponsors, video game makers and sportscasters could paint whatever they wanted. As Vanity Fair’s cover story, which includes an ironically “bad … Continue reading

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J.Lo, no!

What was she thinking? Meanwhile, additional photos reveal what J.Lo is no longer … um … packing … click if you dare. [poll id="56"]

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