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If you can sing gospel, and you live in or near Miami …

… and you promise not to fake break down in mid-song like Chris Brown, you might want to audition for this:

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Chris Brown’s apology

The singer issues a Youtube mea culpa over his February beat-down of ex-girlfriend Rihanna (for which he’s serving five years probation after a plea deal.) Watch: But will it save his record sales?

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Smart move: Chris Brown cops a plea

He’ll avoid a nasty trial, and Rihanna having to testify. Plus he won’t go to jail.

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Survey: 50 percent of teens blame Rihanna

Earth to Oprah: teenagers don’t think like you. BOSTON — Nearly half of Boston youths believe pop singer Rihanna was responsible for an incident of alleged domestic abuse that left her bloodied and bruised, according to a survey conducted by … Continue reading

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Chris Brown and Rihanna doing what???

Recording a love song. Yep. Yes indeedy… feel the love: The whole thing came together when they decided to reconcile shortly after the attack. Sources tell us music producer Polow Da Don convinced both Chris and Rihanna to get in … Continue reading

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Ugly details of Chris Brown, Rihanna case

Chris Brown in court The conventional wisdom would suggest that it is, despite his apparent kiss and make up routine with Rihanna in Miami Beach. The problem? The details. And they’re leaking fast… from TSG, we get the LAPD search … Continue reading

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The Rihanna pics

TMZ unleashes the pictures that could end Chris Brown’s career, at least for the forseeable future. E! News reports the LAPD has launched an internal investigation and somebody could be in big trouble over the photo, if it turns out … Continue reading

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Burning questions: The 2009 Grammys

Lingering questions from last night’s Grammy Awards: Is Rihanna the “unnnamed woman” Chris Brown was arrested for throttling, and is that why BOTH of them failed to show for the awards, rather than just him? Signs point to yes… and … Continue reading

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