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Chris Matthews explains Paul Ryan on ‘Morning Joe’

I don’t think it gets any plainer than the way Matthews explained Ryan’s philosophy this morning on “Morning Joe.” In short: Paul Ryan is an Ayn Randian who believes you incentivize rich people by giving them more money, and you … Continue reading

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(Video) Flashback: Joy on Hardball, on that strange, bloody Zimmerman photo

I’ve gotten a lot of comments about this April 20 segment, so here it is again. I still have the same question, several days later: who took that picture allegedly of George Zimmerman’s bloody head on the night he shot … Continue reading

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What Chris Matthews actually said about the Obamas

I’ve gotten enough angry tweets about “not standing up for the president and first lady,” regarding an interview that I hadn’t even seen at the time I was being Twitterbombed, that I thought I’d watch it, give my take, and … Continue reading

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(Video) Stop making sense! Chris Matthews: Limbaugh, Beck crowd have an ‘ethnic disdain’ for the Obamas

Chris Matthews breaks it down. There’s something different in the level of vitriol directed at the first family by their haters on the right. Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy Best Matthews line on … Continue reading

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(Video) Chris Matthews’ epic Bachmann-Tea Party takedown

Words like “balloon-head” don’t get spoken often in cable news. But then again, there’s never been anything (okay, besides Sarah Palin…) like Michele Bachmann. The Congresswoman was “given the business” by Chris Matthews for an entire, hilarious, segment on Hardball … Continue reading

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Rick Scott cancels NBC debate … over fear of Chris Matthews?

Rick Scott will not participate in an NBC debate with Alex Sink … because Chris Matthews would be the host.

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Morning clicks: Costner to the rescue in Gulf oil disaster? McCollum, Sink tied, Charlie’s union ask

From the Independent UK, word that a desperate BP will turn to an invention by Kevin Costner’s brother, created with the actor’s financial help, that is supposed to be able to “vaccum” oil off the ocean surface.

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Matthews v. Palin, round 2: ‘nothing going on mentally’

Chris Matthews renewed his Sarah Palin fusilade last night, saying she “has nothing going on mentally” and calling her “dangerous.” Watch, as Mark Halperin is equally tough on her, though he hasn’t gotten the same amount of ink for it: … Continue reading

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Chris Matthews dresses down ‘balloon head’ Palin

Another keeper episode of Hardball, as Chris takes on Sarah Palin and her “handy” prompter: Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy Oh, NewsBusters is not gonna like this one.

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Leave Chris Matthews alone!

ThinkProgress and Politico, along with a slew of snarky, right wing and/or self-righteous non-right wing bloggers, hit MSNBC host Chris Matthews tonight for marveling at how he “forgot Barack Obama was black” as he watched the state of the union … Continue reading

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