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Is Chris Matthews the most evolved white man in America?

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews often gets criticized for being quick at the lip, and sometimes he says things he later has to take back (often because people think they’re sexist.) But when it comes to race, Matthews is probably the only … Continue reading

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Line of the day: ‘bathtub ring’

“Did anybody expect Dick Cheney to become the bathtub ring of the Bush administration?” — Chris Matthews today on his NBC Sunday show.

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In case you missed it: Mary Cheney saw Secret Service as her personal chauffeurs

Tucked into the “Hardball” interview regarding the alarming party crash by the fame-seeking Salahis with Washington Post columnist Roxanne Roberts and Ron Kessler, former Secret Service agent and author of “In the President’s Secret Service,”  was the claim by Kessler that … Continue reading

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Chris Matthews vs. the Neocons, round two

In case you missed it, tonight, Chris Matthews went on night two of his tirade against neocons who are all for war, but not for fighting. Watch: Visit msnbc.com for Breaking News, World News, and News about the Economy

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In case you missed it: Ron Reagan Jr. (and Chris Matthews) vs. neocon Frank Gaffney

Fresh off his black tie fete for our four times draft deferred, hawkish former vice president, Dick Cheney, and his former deputy, the still-convicted Scooter Libby, (in which Dick Cheney accused the Obama administration of “dithering” on Afghanistan,) Frank Gaffney … Continue reading

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Chris Matthews, two birthers and a gymnasium full of firearms

On “Hardball” today, Chris Matthews drew out John Velleco, director of federal affairs for the radical group Gun Owners of America, and an apparent birther, who believes that it would be appropriate to have president of the United States speak … Continue reading

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Chris Matthews takes down another one

Chris Matthews gets Mike Pence to burble an admission that the fact of evolution is above his pay grade. Watch and learn: Sometimes Chris is just that good.

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For your viewing pleasure: the Chris Matthews Ari smackdown

Ari Fleischer (who apprently really is a douchebag, Jon Stewart!) and a charter member of the hilarious Bush Legacy Project, defends the Bush years, and declares it “shameful” to place 9/11 within the Bush years, when clearly he wasn’t president … Continue reading

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Chris Matthews smackdown of the day

He hammers a hapless Republican (California Rep. Darrell Issa) for the idiotic, perennial put down of referring to the “Democrat Party.” Transcript: Issa: “What’s scarier, though, President Obama proposed that these budgets — these deficits created under a Democrat Congress, … Continue reading

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Chris Matthews ain’t d**kin around!

Every so often, Chris Matthews gets Philly with it. Like today, for instance, when during the 5 p.m. iteration of “Hardball,” in an interview with Howard Dean, Chris expressed his frustration with America’s inability to get universal healthcare done. CHRIS: … Continue reading

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