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Tip of the hat: Stephen Colbert, motivating the GOP through hunger

He serves a Republican state representative who wants to withhold food from needy children … by recommending that she stop being served. Enjoy: The Colbert Report Mon – Thurs 11:30pm / 10:30c Tip/Wag – Cynthia Davis & Fox News www.colbertnation.com … Continue reading

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On second thought … Joe Lowry’s not for gay marriage either

Don’t call it a flip-flop, apparently the MSM got this one wrong. I also erred, reporting in this post, that unlike Pastor Rick Warren, the Rev. Joe Lowry, who will give the benediction at Barack Obama’s swearing in, is a … Continue reading

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Rick Warren and the Elianization of Everything

As the niche controversy over President-Elect Barack Obama’s choice of megachurch pastor Rick Warren to give the invocation at his swearing in continues to fester, it strikes me that we may have another Elian Gonzales-style saga in the making. Elian, … Continue reading

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The woodwork

Toward the end of campaigns, the weirdos start to leak out of the woodwork. Case in point: this 300×300 banner ad running on the homepage of the Miami Herald online: When you click on the ad, you’re taken to FellowPatrioticAmericans.com, … Continue reading

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Is the new McCain ad suggesting Obama is the Antichrist?

It sounds absurd, but consider this: Some evangelical leaders are hinting at exactly that, as the HuffPo points out: … several blogs have noted a growing number of conservative evangelicals alleging that Obama is the anti-Christ, or at least a … Continue reading

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Six degrees of stupid: A half dozen reasons why the new McCain ad is dumb (in addition to it just being dumb)

Maybe it’s because it’s summer. Or maybe John McCain’s communication team is using a lot of college sophomores, but first the Paris Hilton ad, and now the new iteration of the Mac attack, run the risk of coming off as … Continue reading

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What excatly are ‘Christian values?’

Is it just about abortion, gay marriage, and conservative economics (and membership in the GOP)? Or would Jesus have commanded true Christians to care for the poor, for the environmetn, and for the victims of war? The debate is on. … Continue reading

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Quick take headlines, insomniac edition

Christian leaders begin to doubt their party of choice’s presidential contenders… Fidel’s innermost thoughts from nearly fifty years ago revealed. Hillary throws down the gauntlet on the subject of her husband’s impeachment. Mention Monica in public at your own risk… … Continue reading

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