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Epic Fail Award: Christine O’Donnell’s Worst Campaign Ad Ever

Republican strategists worried Christine O’Donnell is spending all that money she’s raising on paying her rent or maybe buying cat toys for her pets should go ahead and keep worrying. What the production values on this ad don’t do to … Continue reading

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(Video) Christine O’Donnell: ‘why aren’t monkeys still evolving into humans?’

Yes, this is the lady the tea party movement wants to send to the United States Senate from Delaware. Jesus, take the wheel…

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The top 10 15 crazy things Christine O’Donnell believes

Chrsitine O’Donnell, Delaware Republicans’ choice to be their standard-bearer in the race for the Senate seat once held by the sitting vice president of the United States … no really, they picked her to run… could be called many things: … Continue reading

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NRSC CAVES to tea party wrath: now will fund O’Donnell **UPDATED**

UPDATE: You knew this was coming: the NRSC is rapidly backpeddling and caving on funding O’Donnell, with John Cornyn, who previously folded on Charlie Crist and has had to swallow hard and back Sharron Angle and Joe Miller against his … Continue reading

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