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Panetta headed to Defense, Petraeus to CIA

The White House makes some actual news today, amid the nonsense.

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The CIA-Libya leak … or, aren’t we supposed to get intel before bombing stuff? **UPDATED**

I’m not in the intelligence business. Nor do I work in the White House or Pentagon. But if I was, or did, and I was helping to plan the bombing campaign that kicks off the creation of a U.N.-authorized no … Continue reading

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Morning Clicks: U.S. looking good, Crist feels the love, and a Herald hug for Rubio?

Bad news for wingers: the world likes us better under Obama. Good news for Floridians: the gun nuts and pensioners rally (on the anniversary of the Oklahoma City terror attack, no less…) is happening far away in D.C. (Let’s hope … Continue reading

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Today’s burning question: what role, if any, did the interests of British Petroleum and other oil companies play in the release of the convicted Pan Am bomber back to his native Libya (where he arrived to a hero’s welcome, over … Continue reading

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Dick Cheney gave an entire speech, and forgot to apologize for outing a CIA agent

So…the Obama v. Cheney distant family feud / national security showdown is over, and Dick Cheney, who was engaged in a protracted struggle with the CIA every day of his shadow presidency, up to and including inducing his chief of … Continue reading

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Liz Cheney: one nasty piece of work…

Did you catch Liz Cheney’s act on Stephanopoulos on Sunday? Sorry to be slow on the uptake, but my Tivo failed and I just caught it last night. Watch if for yourself here and here. Spoiler alert: the Cheney apple … Continue reading

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As Bush stays silent, the evidence against Dick Cheney mounts

I’ve often wondered, is George W. Bush really as dumb as he seems, or could he, behind the scenes, have figured out — eventually — that his vice president had hijacked his presidency. Assuming for the moment that he did … Continue reading

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Operation: Get Pelosi

Is it just me who is disturbed by “intelligence officials” who may or may not be partisan Republicans, or persons otherwise interested in forestalling a full investigation of torture during the Bush administration, leaking memos that are intended to implicate … Continue reading

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Torture: when Americans do it, it’s not illegal

That would seem to be the last remaining justification for the use of torture by our CIA. A New York Times story this morning reveals that the torture tactics were adopted without even a cursory examination of the history of … Continue reading

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President Obama is still wrong on torture

The reiterations of the Obama policy on the Sunday shows this morning do not convince. On this one, the administration is dead wrong. Well, let me back up a bit. I suppose I can understand the practical reasons for granting … Continue reading

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