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(Video) Rep. Ed Markey’s epic, super-geeky GOP takedown: ‘repeal gravity’

Massachusetts Congressman Ed Markey rises to object to an anti-science House GOP bill that would end the EPA’s authority to regulate climate change, and even repeal the finding that there is such a thing as climate change caused by human … Continue reading

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And they say there’s no climate change…

Back to back earthquakes in Haiti, Japan and now and even stronger one in Chile, a tsunami in the Pacific, freak snowstorms across the U.S., too-warm weather in Canada and bloody cold weather here in South Florida for more than … Continue reading

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Rubio’s latest position on climate change: ‘not anymore’

Marco Rubio doesn’t believe in the science … any more … ?

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Chasing Sarah Palin chasing the news

*It is no longer possible to hide the decline of a once great newspaper, no longer possible to hide the decline of the paper that broke the Watergate story, but is now hanging itself on the Climategate story,” writes James … Continue reading

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The truth about Van Jones

A DUer posts an interesting find. Jones, it seems, wasn’t pushed out by Glenn Beck. Beck was just the vehicle. The real pushers were anti-climate change advocates from, wait for it, the oil industry. From this DU post, which identified … Continue reading

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