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Four things that are true (even if Republicans don’t want them to be)

The Republican Party continue to beat their heads with their open hands, wondering where it all went wrong. But the really, really bad news is that it’s going to keep going wrong. For a long, long time. Here are four … Continue reading

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When Ron Paul meets Michelle Bachman

Right wingers who think the tea party movement and the “Republican Revolution” are precisely on the same page watch out … I read a bit of Ron Paul’s “The Revolution: a Manifesto” this afternoon at Barnes and Nobles. Funny how … Continue reading

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The astroturf wars: no reform = more Republicans

From the Plumline: On a private conference call, a group of top Tea Party and conservative organizers offered a surprisingly frank description of their goal, according to a source on the call: Completely blocking any kind of bipartisan compromise, and … Continue reading

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Frank Shaeffer vs. America’s radical radio clerics

Frank Shaeffer, author of Crazy for God, and the son of one of the architects of the Christian right, delivered a devastating commentary on Rachel Maddow’s show last night, including the conclusion that for some on the far right, the … Continue reading

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Obama calls out Republicans on healthcare

With special thanks to Senator Jim DeMint for exposing the Republican playbook, which is about “breaking Obama” — not about helping the American people afford quality healthcare. Watch: Meanwhile, the GOP keeps rowing toward Elba. And why not hand Bobby … Continue reading

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Gorilla glue???

Zell Miller strikes again! Miller was the Thursday keynoter at the annual gathering of the American Legislative Exchange Council, which ostensibly is a bipartisan or nonpartisan group of legislators. In practice, however, ALEC is overwhelmingly Republican, as evidenced by the … Continue reading

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The conservative Facebook to the bottom

I normally don’t write this many posts about racial issues in one sitting, but the conservative movement is on a tear. … So I stumbled upon this write-up online and found it amusing. See if you agree. It’s from About.com: … Continue reading

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John McCain continues to completely discredit himself

What is wrong with John McCain? Does he want nobody to respect him? Continue reading

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