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This week’s Herald column: So long, 2013. Stuff we learned this year

For my final Herald column of 2013, I decided to take a look back at some of the things we learned this year, most of them unfortunate…

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Thank you, conservatives, for saving us from subversive things

Black Santa is just the beginning, people. Secular progressive humanist Obummer Marxists are ruining everything, with their “diversity” and their “inclusion…”

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This week’s Herald column: Barack Obama’s summer of the shark

In this week’s column, I tackle Washington’s “scandal” season… 

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Yes, I called Republican Benghazi hunters ’9/11 truthers’

… because they are, Blanche. They AHRE in that chair. Continue reading

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This week’s Herald column: New America held hostage, by Old America

They aren’t going to secede …

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This week’s Herald column: skeptical about Rubio

I know, I know, he’s everybody’s Latin Hero, but I’m not on the bandwagon of El Unico.

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Four things that are true (even if Republicans don’t want them to be)

The Republican Party continue to beat their heads with their open hands, wondering where it all went wrong. But the really, really bad news is that it’s going to keep going wrong. For a long, long time. Here are four … Continue reading

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Republican misery over the fiscal cliff deal in one Drudge screen grab

Oh, the humanity… (the headline in the upper left hand corner says “Played!…”

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Rick Santorum finally reaches his logical conclusion

He is exactly where he should be …

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This week’s Herald column: ‘Are you there, losers? It’s me, Mitt’

Okay, that’s not what my editor, Myriam, titled the column. But she could have, because post Boca video disaster, Mitt Romney – the plutocrat who would be president – now faces the daunting task of rallying, or just facing, a … Continue reading

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