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DWTS voters put Baby Palin in a corner

Jennifer Grey proves that in the end, talent does count for something. (Cheer up, Mediaite. I’m sure Glenn Beck will have something good and right wing for you to adore tomorrow…) And no, I never watched five minutes of the … Continue reading

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Bristol and Willow Palin get gutter-bucket on Facebook

The biggest controversy to come out of Tuesday night might not be Bristol Palin ousting Brandy on “Dancing With the Stars” (no, I don’t watch it, and no, I’m not surprised. It is Disney/ABC after all, and there are at … Continue reading

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‘Dancing with whoever we could get’

Can’t remember who coined that on Twitter, but it’s absolutely on point. Oh, and while Bristol is getting her dance on? Levi will be running for mayor of Wasila (I think we’ve established that any idiot can do the job…) … Continue reading

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Tom Delay’s last dance

In the fine, growing tradition of conservative Republicans, Tom Delay … a/k/a “The Hammer,” has quit “Dancing with the Stars.” But not before dancing the Samba in a crazy looking GOP outfit. Enjoy!

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The simple, unmitigated hilarity of Tom Delay

Watching Tom Delay — the money laundering, birther, oddly not currently imprisoned former House majority leader — shaking his stiff old hips in high heels on “Dancing With the Stars?” Priceless. If you missed it … you really missed something … Continue reading

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