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A Washington ‘whodunit’: who fed bogus Benghazi ‘emails’ to the media? **UPDATE: a ‘glaring omission…’**

Who leaked bogus email “summaries” to ABC news and the Weekly Standard to try and stoke a Benghazi controversy? Continue reading

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Republicans, led by Darrell Issa, vote to hold A.G. Eric Holder in contempt of Congress, for exacerbating the mental instability of Wayne LaPierre. 17 Democrats voted with the mob. 108 walked out. The Dems who voted with Issa were: Jason … Continue reading

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‘Fast and Furious’ farce goes on, but Issa fails to score White House hit

If you’re unfamiliar with “Fast and Furious,” and I don’t mean the movies — congratulations. You’ve managed to sit out perhaps the most underwhelming “scandal” ever invented by the right. (Up to now I’ve refused to pay any attention to … Continue reading

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This is not how you stage a hearing on contraception

… If you ever want to win the votes of women, or modern men, for that matter.

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Tuesday clicks: are you there, Issa? It’s me, history; Palin can’t stop herself, and the tea party shuffle

Chinese President Hu Jintao heads to Washington bearing gifts … and Barack Obama: deregulator in chief??? Here’s what else is out there this morning: So… Darrell Issa is going to apply his ideological roto rooter to the POTUS, huh? Well … Continue reading

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Backpedaling Darrell Issa: Obama administration corrupt … ‘like a disk drive’

Darrell Issa can’t flee fast enough from his outrageous condemnation of the Obama administration as “one of the most corrupt administrations in history” before he ever holds a hearing on anything that might back up his foregone conclusion. In trying … Continue reading

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Issa cuts to the chase: asks corporations for instructions

When California Republican Darrell Issa isn’t investigating the Obama administration for nefarious ties to the New Black Panther Party, apparently, he will be downloading instructions from oil companies, foreign automakers, drug companies and more. Seriously.

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Morning clicks: Issa investigates, Steele not the one

Before Rep. Darrell Issa embarks on his various witch hunts targeting President Obama and clarifies some of his more outrageous remarks, here’s a helpful reminder about Darrell Issa’s past lies about his military service. Can we investigate that, too? Paging … Continue reading

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(Video) ICYMI: CNN’s Ed Henry grills Darrell Issa

On his plans for Obama witch hunts oversight as chairman of House’s government reform committee, starting with whether he will pursue an investigation of the so-called “corrupt job offer” to Joe Sestak (for an unpaid position he didn’t even take…): … Continue reading

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Well there’s that … Darrell Issa says Obama ‘not personally corrupt’

Um …

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