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(Video) Why is it that all Washington talks about is deficit reduction?

From my guest-hosting stint on “Now” on Wednesday, an interview with Maryland Rep. Chris Van Holland and the panel, discussing why Democrats seem to have conceded the notion of “cutting the deficit” instead of working on economic growth: Visit NBCNews.com … Continue reading

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What the Wisconsin recall fail means … and what it doesn’t

Democrats and union supporters were dejected Tuesday night as the effort to recall Wisconsin governor Scott Walker failed, and failed fast. The election was called for Walker just about an hour after polls closed, first by NBC, and then successively … Continue reading

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What the Democrats won

It’s become an article of faith among some liberals that Democrats … oh, sorry, just the Obama administration … are bad negotiators. Well, let’s see how they made out this time.

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So… when do the emoprogs start attacking Congress for ‘caving’?

So we have a deal … we think … on a bill to fund the government. So when does the carping about Congressional Democrats “caving” begin?

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When the supercommittee fails

It’s not a matter if “if” the so-called supercommittee, charged with finding trillions of dollars in deficit savings in of all places, Washington, will fail. It’s a matter of when.

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Job killers: conservative Dems vote with GOP to kill Obama’s jobs bill in Senate

In the end, it’s important to remember that Congress exists, and that not all Democrats are the kind of Democrat that shares progressive values and goals.

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How to beat a billionaire (or, enter the ‘Buffett rule’)

If you’re fighting against a very rich man, in a very deep economic malaise, the best way to beat the rich man is simply to point him out.

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This week’s Herald column: Congress exists

It’s become kind of a theme of mine, so I build on this post and Jonathan Chait’s excellent New York Times article to reiterate it.

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UPDATED: Hate it a lot or hate it a little: Congressional leaders and the White House reach a debt ceiling deal

UPDATE: the House has passed the debt ceiling bill, 269-161. The Senate will take up the vote on Tuesday.

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Open thread: what should Obama and the Democrats do now?

The tea party isn’t budging, and John Boehner can’t control them in the House. The Reid bill doesn’t raise revenues, and we’re staring at an August 2nd deadline, which, by the way, is in a week. If you could advise … Continue reading

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