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Really, John Conyers?

So John Conyers, who as the then-chairman of the House Judiciary Committed shrank in holy terror from the notion of holding impeachment hearings over George W. Bush’s lies to Congress and the American people in the run-up to the Iraq … Continue reading

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Capitol Hill Libya outrage all smoke (and fundraising)… no fire

Dennis Kucinich wants President Obama impeached! … Impeached, I say! … over Libya. Democrats and Republicans are racing to the microphones, insisting Congress was not consulted before the mission began … unless of course, Congress was consulted, but Dennis wasn’t … Continue reading

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Getting to ‘yes’: Dennis Kucinich will vote for healthcare reform

One by one, the “kill the bill” Democrats (myself included) have walked back from the precipice, deciding that dumping the president this early in his term would take the party down in a giant, ugly cataclysm of electoral failure, leaving … Continue reading

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Morning clicks: healthcare ’24′, Rubio’s unwanted attention

Happy St. Patrick’s Day er’rybody! Here’s what’s good this morning: With the clock ticking down to the moment the House takes the plunge on a healthcare vote, Democrats in Washington have their White house talking points (which, typical of this … Continue reading

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