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The Egyptian uprising: 6 media winners **UPDATED with reader nominations

The Egyptian revolution was an exhilarating experience for those of us who watched it unfold on television and on the Internet — which of course cannot compare to the experience of those who lived it firsthand. But among the many … Continue reading

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**UPDATE: Mubarak defies the world

UPDATE 10:21 PM: CNN is reporting that the Egyptian ambassador to the United States called in to the network to refute the notion that Hosni Mubarak did not step aside tonight, saying Vice President Omar Suleiman is the “de facto … Continue reading

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Frank Wisner, Egypt, and the inside game

The rather unfortunate comments of Frank Wisner, the former ambassador dispatched by the U.S. State Department last week to prod Hosni Mubarak to go, have brought him into the spotlight for all the wrong reasons. Mr. Wisner, it turns out, … Continue reading

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Egypt Update: Suleiman meets ‘the opposition’, plus a nifty map

Like the unforgettable Miss Teen USA contestant from South Carolina in 2007, I like maps. In fact, I love maps. And as we continue to digest what’s happening in Egypt, I ran across the above map which I think is … Continue reading

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This week’s Herald column: Experiments in Democracy

Events have been happening so fast and furious in the Middle East this week, it’s been tough to keep up. Just now posting my column from Thursday, which compared the struggle for democratic freedom in Egypt, and the fears of … Continue reading

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Carl Bernstein on the Egyptian succession, and what the White House isn’t saying

According to reporter Carl Bernstein, the Obama administration is maneuvering to leave Hosni Mubarak in place for a time, but render him powerless, and to prevent an even worse guy from taking his place.

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