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So… when do the emoprogs start attacking Congress for ‘caving’?

So we have a deal … we think … on a bill to fund the government. So when does the carping about Congressional Democrats “caving” begin?

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Read this: Jonathan Chait vs. the terminally unhappy left

Jonathan Chait nails the emoprog problem:

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Collapse of the emoprogs?

Two statistics tucked into the NBC/Wall Street Journal poll should not be missed, if you’ve been following the sturm und drang between “Obama Democrats” and “emoprogs.”

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Cornel West teams up with Ralph Nader in hopes of primarying Obama

From the Washington Post: Liberal activists and academics displeased with the Obama administration’s handling of several issues popular with progressives say they are seeking candidates willing to mount a primary challenge against President Obama next year.

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Jonathan Chait deconstructs the left’s magical thinking on Obama

A brilliant, must-read essay in today’s New York Times Magazine.

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Fareed Zakaria explains it all: liberal Obamagloom off base

I read the latest issue of TIME on the plane ride from New York to Florida. It’s worth picking up, not least of which for Fareed Zakaria’s latest essay, on why liberal doom and gloom over President Obama’s pragmatism is … Continue reading

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JFK’s liberal heresies: would today’s progressives oppose him?

Anti-Obama progressives who feel the president has not talked or behaved liberally or forcefully enough frequently cite the superiority of FDR — though that comparison is easily debunked by the real Roosevelt, as opposed to the mythical one. After that, … Continue reading

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**UPDATED: Barack Obama and the myth of the progressive ‘majorities’

To progressives who complain about Barack Obama “squandering” the progressive majorities he supposedly had going for him when he was elected president, I refer you to the following chart (from Wikipedia):

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Jane Hamsher in full PUMA meltdown, cusses Obama supporters

ABL puts it rather succinctly …

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Adam Green’s dishonest fundraising attack, Obama’s debt ceiling rope-a-dope

If you missed Lawrence O’Donnell’s brilliant breakdown of the White House strategy on the debt ceiling, watch it below before reading any further: Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy Okay, got it? Now read … Continue reading

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