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More confirmation: tea partiers are garden variety, right wing evangelical Republicans

Well now there are numbers to back up what I have been saying since 2009: the tea party movement isn’t a “movement” at all — it’s just a bunch of really pissy Republicans.

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How did we miss this? Marco Rubio’s religious obscurity

Like Peter Schorsch, I’m incredulous that this story managed to fly under the radar throughout an entire Senate campaign — not just the media’s radar, or the blogosphere’s, but also Rubio’s opponents’. Didn’t anybody in the Charlie Crist or Kendrick … Continue reading

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It’s Sunday: have you worshipped Sarah Palin yet?

Remember when American evangelicals worshipped George W. Bush as a God-ordained president (a belief Bush took on board himself,) conducted daily spiritual incantations for his presidency, and even prayed to cardboard cut-outs of him? Well … it is happening, again … Continue reading

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It starts: FL House finally sends abortion/ultrasound bill to Crist

From the in-box a few minutes ago: GOPers had been delaying the bill as long as possible to give evangelical activists more time to inundate the governor’s office with pleas to sign the bill. But all indications are that they … Continue reading

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What do tea parties and evangelicals have in common?

A Politico story points to the growing divide between right wing evangelicals and the tea party movement, which lately has been up-staging the faithful as the darling of the GOP. Clearly, the two are strange bedfellows: evangelicals reluctantly got into … Continue reading

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If Jesus was alive today, would right wingers call him a socialist?

A commenter named Tameka got me thinking with a post about what the Bible says our attitude should be toward our leaders; namely, that like them or not, we should pray for them: 1I urge, then, first of all, that … Continue reading

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