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Mitt Romney’s leadership challenge: supporter accuses Obama of treason

… what does Mitt do, when one of his supporters goes to far? Watch: Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy And why it matters…

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Uncorked: DeMint, Hannity and Beck make it a three-fer


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Today’s Herald column: Gov. Rick Scott’s plutocratic Florida (with bonus David Brooks)

Why did Rick Scott want to be governor? Clearly, not for the public service, and unless he’s a really bad businessman, not necessarily to make a personal profit (at least not while in office.) So what does this guy want? … Continue reading

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(Video) ICYMI: Lawrence O’Donnell on Donald Trump, America’s celebrity legitimizer of hatred and racism **UPDATE: Seinfeld snubs The Donald

This was Lawrence at his best last night, as he dissected the very real damage Donald Trump’s fake campaign for president is doing. Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

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(Video) Keith Ellison’s moving testimony (and the hearings Peter King should be holding)

The hearings being held in Washington today by longtime IRA supporter Peter King, who has insisted on conducting a show trial of every Muslim in America, are a shameful chapter in our history. But sometimes, even a shameful spectacle can … Continue reading

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John Avlon: Rise of the ‘fright wing’

In TDB, John Avlon examines the increasingly ugly, gun-related rhetoric in politics, particularly on the right, and argues that indeed, it can lead to an atmosphere of violence.

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The center fights back: Bloomberg to boost centrist candidates, Stewart and Colbert to rally

New York City’s best mayor in decades, Michael Bloomberg, is launching a national push-back against tea party extremism, boosting centrist candidates from both major parties across the U.S. It’s a bold move for the independent most often talked about as … Continue reading

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Fringe: the right wing goes over the deep end

Maybe it’s Barack Obama. The very thought of him seems to have driven some Republicans mad. In Congress, their strategy is to simply throw everything they have up against whatever he’s doing and run the other way. In the right … Continue reading

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Meet the crazies

This paramilitary leader, a bachelor who slept with his gun Shirley, wrote of trying “to satisfy that primal urge that makes you want to kill.”

The quote is from a July 5, 1996 New York Times article about an Arizona militia group called the Vipers, which probably sounds familiar to you if you watched Countdown or Rachel Maddow’s shot tonight. The article profiled two members of the Viper Militia, a guy called Dean Pleasant, a chronically unemployed twenty-something (at the time) failed political candidate who according to a former roommate, never grew out of his G.I. Joe phase, and his then-32-year-old housemate “Randy L. Nelson, a house painter who called himself the Captain of the Viper Militia,” and as described in the quote, “slept with his beloved ‘Shirley,’ a Browning machine gun mounted on the headboard of his bed.” The two wound up in the middle of a scandal, a year after the infamous Oklahoma City bombing… Continue reading

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Frank Shaeffer vs. America’s radical radio clerics

Frank Shaeffer, author of Crazy for God, and the son of one of the architects of the Christian right, delivered a devastating commentary on Rachel Maddow’s show last night, including the conclusion that for some on the far right, the … Continue reading

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