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What Eduardo Saverin owes America

Farhad Manjoo nails it.

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The Egyptian uprising: 6 media winners **UPDATED with reader nominations

The Egyptian revolution was an exhilarating experience for those of us who watched it unfold on television and on the Internet — which of course cannot compare to the experience of those who lived it firsthand. But among the many … Continue reading

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Zuckerberg named TIME’s person of the year

Add one more Facebook friend to Zuckerberg’s list. Meanwhile, who is Rolling Stone Italy’s “rock star of the year”? Answer after the jump …

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Palin PR team intervenes? Bristol apologizes for her and Willow’s Facebook tirade

Team Palin won’t let a few cuss-words come between Bristol and that DWTS trophy:

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Friends (Miami scandals version)

Judge Yvonne Colodny accepted suspended Commissioner Michelle Spence Jones’ not guilty plea today in her grand theft case — but only after she “de-friended” Spence Jones on Facebook. Ah, these modern times!

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What to do with the ‘Should Obama be killed?’ Facebook pollster?

A sick poll asking whether President Obama should be killed (the choices were “Yes”, “No”, “Maybe,” and “If he cuts my health care…”) and the whole polling app, has been pulled by Facebook, and according to CBS, the user banished … Continue reading

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