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John McCain’s petty, childish hypocrisy

Want to see something that will further shake your faith in the integrity of politicians? Watch this: Did you catch that? Arizona Senator, and King of Personal Peeve, John McCain, went on his new favorite channel, Fox News, and said … Continue reading

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America Held Hostage: 9/11 first responders bill can pass, but only if corps can offshore jobs

The GOP hostage crisis continues, only this time, the ones holding the guns are the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, who have ordered their lackeys in the U.S. Senate to effectively kill first responders who were sickened rescuing people from the … Continue reading

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The Bunning hostage crisis ends

The Senate tonight voted 78 to 19 (with three members not voting, including Kay Bailey Hutchinson, who was busy losing the Texas gubernatorial primary to an insane person) to extend unemployment benefits, highway funds and other emergency spending, ending a … Continue reading

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