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My own, private Florida boycott

This week’s Herald column, in which I explain why I’m skipping Florida as a destination for awhile.

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This week’s Herald column: Charlie Crist or bust?

Cartoon from the Crowley Political Report This week’s column tackles the political reality that some Florida Democrats would rather not face…

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Today’s Herald column: will the 2012 election be Rick Scott’s Waterloo (and Charlie Crist’s opportunity)?

In my Herald column this week, I explore the many ways in which Florida once again screwed up the election — and it (once again) didn’t even matter. But you know who it might matter to?

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Run, Charlie, run (with bonus DNC video)

Yes, Charlie Crist should run for Florida governor again. And he should do so as a Democrat.

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No freaking out about that Florida presidential poll

I know it’s tempting. But some perspective, please, when it comes to the poll showing the presidential race deadlocked in Florida.

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Read this: Steve Schale explains Central Florida (with bonus polling geekery)

The ethnic mix in Central Florida is changing, and not in the way you might think.

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The 10 most fabulously faily moments from the CNN Florida debate

Well, the last debate before the Florida primary is in the can. And oh, what a debate it was. Here are the ten failiest … and therefore most fabulous … moments:

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(Video) The knives come out in Florida

Dueling ads in the Sunshine State. First up: Newt attacks Mitt as, “an historian, really?” But also an ethically charged crook: Team Newt’s retort?

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Read this if you want to understand Florida elections

Steve Schale has written a must-read post for anyone who wants to understand the ins and outs of Florida’s many media markets, and the real reason Mitt Romney is probably unstoppable in the Sunshine State…

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Move over, Herman, Florida’s got a brand new bag

Gingrich … Behold, the polls …

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