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Shep Smith rants about Mitt reacting to Newt

What’s better than a Shep Smith rant? … not much First, from Wednesday’s show, Shep reacts to Newt Gingrich “suspending” his campaign …

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Is Mitt Romney getting tired of this mess?

Is Mitt Romney starting to lose his cool?

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Rick Perry hits the reset button on Fox News

Perry’s Sunday interview with Chris Wallace can be summarized as follows: “yeah, rich people will get more money under my tax plan, but I reject class warfare, and plus, they’re the job creators. Can we get to drillin’ now?” Watch: … Continue reading

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Lame: Fox’s Bret Baier tries to spin booing of gay troop

I think they call this the “echo multiplier” excuse…

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Report: Roger Ailes hatched Fox News idea while working in the Nixon White House

A Gawker reporter unearths a memo that may prove Roger Ailes cooked up the idea for what would later become Fox News while working in the Nixon White House; an idea he termed “putting the GOP on TV news.”

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(Video) Caught in the act of racism: Fox’s Eric Bolling

Apparently, any time President Obama goes near a black person, it has a meaning. At least on Fox News: And who caught Fox in this pretty despicable act of racism?

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When you have to say it… Fox News denies Roger Ailes thinks Sarah Palin is stupid

Wow, Roger Ailes is more mainstream than we thought…

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Oops. Secret Service tweet disses Fox News

Looks like someone at the Secret Service tweeted when they meant to “DM” …

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Common sense: Dear media, please stop playing the right’s phony, racially tinged controversy game

If Sean Hannity poses a question, there’s a good chance there’s nothing newsworthy in the answer.

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(Video) Franklin Graham can’t say Holocaust Jews would go to heaven

So, Franklin Graham, the Official Ministerial Supporter of Donald “Effing” Trump, goes on Bill O’Reilly’s show and pretty much gives Christianity a bad name … again.

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