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Profiles in cowardice? Or, why can’t we have gun reform? (Includes Gabby Giffords’ column and mine)

In the wake of the failed vote to break a GOP filibuster on gun reform on Wednesday, a lot of people are feeling depressed, but even more are getting angry (including President Obama.) on that score, former congresswoman Gabby Giffords’ … Continue reading

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This is what people will remember from Obama’s 2013 State of the Union address

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The good news: Gabby Giffords makes appearance on House floor

The one warm note in the debt ceiling vote today.

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Monday clicks: (Un)happy Debt Limit Day, IMF scandal, Gaddafi warrant, space shuttle lifts off

Happy Debt Limit Day, America! Well, maybe not that happy. And it’s not a happy day for the head of the International Monetary Fund, either. And not because Greece’s economy is still a mess.

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Rep. Peter King: gun control for me, not for thee

New York Congressman Peter King opposes gun control … except the kind that would protect him from the public. The Republican is proposing a new law that would make Peter King safer, but would do nothing for you.

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Arizona update: the face of madness, Obamas to AZ, Giffords fighting

The president and first lady will travel to Arizona on Wednesday, causing more than a few Americans to hold their breath. Gabrielle Giffords continues her remarkable fight for life, and incredibly, is experiencing no brain swelling at the moment, which … Continue reading

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Andrew Sullivan: ‘the forces of Palin must be defeated’

An important post this morning by Andrew Sullivan, who yesterday took Howard Kurtz to task for his (and frankly, CNN’s) ridiculous “both sides” free pass to the radical right. In the current post, Sullivan breaks down the substantive differences between … Continue reading

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