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Rescued from the memory hole: Gallup has been controversial for a while

I get a lot of questions about polls – which are the “good” ones, which are biased, etc. But I get more questions about Gallup than an other polling outfit. Which is why it was fascinating to stumble across this … Continue reading

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Who we admire: Dems pick Obama, Mandela, Dalai Lama; Republicans like Bush, Beck

Who people Admire says a lot about them. The latest Gallup survey places President Obama on top with Democrats and Independents, while Republicans like George W. Bush most. And Democrats’ top five list is heavy on international humanitarians, while Republicans … Continue reading

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Gallup: Democrats regain midterm advantage

A new Gallup tracking poll, taken in the wake of finreg reform, shows that the Republican strategy of siding with Wall Street (and against the unemployed,) is beginning to take a toll on their midterm prospects. Democrats now hold a … Continue reading

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Losing our religion

With things like the Texas Textbook massacre as an example, no wonder more Americans are fighting back, and shedding religion.

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