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This week’s Herald article: the GOP’s plot to impose minority rule

It’s a pretty nefarious idea: impose the president of your choice on the country, by giving your candidate more delegates in states he didn’t win. Sound crazy? Third World? Nope, it’s the latest genius scheme from the GOP.

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My Herald column today: incumbents go after Fair Districts

The column this week is about the latest attempt by a strange confab of Republicans and African-American Democratic lawmakers to stop the Fair Districts amendments, which would curtail gerrymandering and take away incumbent politicians’ “right” to uncompetitive elections. Operative words: … Continue reading

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NAACP, others file suit over ‘Fair Districts’ poison pill amendment

From the in-box about 30 minutes ago: the NAACP, the League of Women Voters and the group Democracia Ahora are going to court to stop a poison-pill amendment jammed onto the November ballot by Republican Florida legislators, to try and … Continue reading

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