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Chinese paper: Snowden took the Booz Allen job in order to leak

Greenwald pooh-poohed my, Andrew Sullivan’s and others’ queries (based on his tweets) as stupid conspiracy theories. Well, turns out they’re not…

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Greenwald and the Guardian try again, only this time there’s warrants

Damn… and I was all ready to make a NObama sign… Continue reading

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On bullying: Glenn Greenwald and the ‘Obama nun rape’ smear

Glenn Greenwald has developed a reputation as one of the most prolific — and self-righteous — voices on the Internet. But this past weekend, he revealed another side that longtime observers of his rise to prominence in liberaldom knew all … Continue reading

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Should Glenn Greenwald have to own the Ron Paul blue plate special?

Salon writer Glenn Greenwald insists he’s not a Cato Instituter (he just writes for them from time to time) — though he clearly appears to be a Libertarian, and a guy with a particular fondness for Ron Paul.

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Read this: Jonathan Chait vs. the terminally unhappy left

Jonathan Chait nails the emoprog problem:

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Jonathan Chait deconstructs the left’s magical thinking on Obama

A brilliant, must-read essay in today’s New York Times Magazine.

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Adrian Lamo: the TRR interview

Back in June, I interviewed Adrian Lamo, the former hacker to whom Bradley Manning confided his poaching of classified data from his Army issue computer. At the time, the Manning-Wikileaks story was waning in the public mind, or maybe just … Continue reading

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The Manning chat logs: TMI and corroboration of guilt

So Wired finally released the full transcript of the chat logs between accused uber-leaker Bradley Manning, and Adrian Lamo, the former hacker who ultimately turned Manning in to authorities.

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The Gospel of Selfishness: Libertarians of the right and left

Today is Easter. If you’re a practicing Christian, it’s a day that celebrates the spiritual payoff from the supreme self-sacrifice of a Jewish iconoclast named Jesus of Nazareth, who according to Christian belief, walked out of a makeshift tomb three … Continue reading

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Re-rise of the Naderites: Glenn Greenwald’s third party dreamin’ **UPDATE: on Libertarianism

At a talk given the day after the 2010 election — one that was a disaster for Democrats — “progressive” writer and civil liberties lawyer Glenn Greenwald gave a talk at the University of Wisconsin, and expressed the hope that … Continue reading

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