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Why they’re like this

There are three reasons Republicans can’t do the obvious (open the government, raise the debt ceiling) …

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This week’s Herald column: Rafael runs the shutdown, Rush rules the party

In this week’s column, the media-political convergence between El Rushbo and Rafael the Canadian (AKA Ted Cruz) explains the shutdown, and the small band of House kamikazes who won’t let our government go.

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Colin Powell chin checks the GOP: ‘dark vein of intolerance’ for minorities

Ouch, and double ouch … More here.

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This week’s Herald column: the politics of work

Playing a bit of posting catch-up: here’s my column from Thursday on the GOP’s war on unions.

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Why Republicans can’t make a deal on the ‘fiscal cliff’

I’m with Lindsey Graham, who said, “I think we’re going over the fiscal cliff” this past weekend. We are. And we are, because Congressional Republicans, and their ostensible leader, John Boehner, can’t make the deal they know they have to … Continue reading

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Today’s Herald column: change won’t come easy for the GOP

This week in the Herald, I explore the reasons why the conventional wisdom on the “new GOP” is likely wrong — and the party won’t be changing, or dramatically expanding its demographics, anytime soon… 

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How to avoid being taken to the cleaners by a Republican consultant

Hi there. If you’re a conservative billionaire or even just a right wing multimillionaire (don’t worry, you’ll get there…) who’s been parted from a handsome chunk of money this election cycle, by Ralph Reed or Karl Rove, or any of … Continue reading

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If you read nothing else today, read this: notes from GOPer who fled the ‘cult’

Stop me if you’ve read this before… I don’t know how I missed it when it was originally published, in September of last year (though maybe it was because it was scarcely mentioned in the media. I find almost no … Continue reading

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David Frum explains it all: the GOP has lost touch with reality

David Frum writes a comprehensive, revealing essay that identifies the core problems of the modern Republican Party — which has been overrun by talk radio showmen, radical ideas and the loss of the Grand Old Party’s tether to reality. Frum … Continue reading

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Florida follies: Rick Scott’s default fail, A.G. fires attorneys who went after bad banks, second coming of Crist?

Rick Scott, the deeply unpopular Florida governor, takes a “what, me worry?” approach to the debt ceiling crisis in Washington …

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