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More than 400,000 500,000 march against austerity in Britain

Huge protests against the conservative government’s draconian proposed cuts to social services touch off marches that turned Trafalgar Square into Tahrir Square this weekend.

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Great Britain’s contraction a cautionary tale of ‘austerity’

News of the unexpected fourth quarter contraction of the British economy, thanks to the Herbert Hoover strategery of its ruling conservatives, should be a cautionary tale for American conservatives who want to emulate the economic strategy of “austerity.” The question … Continue reading

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Alright world … we can take it … go ahead and laugh at us

The Guardian seizes on the Obama snidery in Sarah Palin’s new book, but it’s not the story that has my head hurting …

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Rule Britania: the Tories take the U.K. (sort of)

Britain entered a brave, new era (or a middling, confusing one, depending on whether or not you’re a Tory…) as the country’s Conservatives and Liberal Democrats formed an historic coalition that ended 13 years of Labor Party rule and sent … Continue reading

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Blair’s promise: U.K. would back U.S. in Saddam overthrow

Tony Blair reportedly promised to back George W. Bush if he decided to invade Iraq and topple Saddam Hussein … and he apparently made that promise a year before the invasion, at a time when Bush was telling the U.S. … Continue reading

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Did the UK deal on Lockerbie bomber?

As an editorial in the Dallas Morning News points out: Governments don’t turn loose convicted mass murderers to spend the rest of their days amid the comforts of home, especially when that killer is the only man ever held responsible … Continue reading

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