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Jonathan Capehart stands by my Grover Norquist correction

On Tuesday’s “Now with Alex,” Alex Wagner tried mightily to get Grover Norquist to answer a simple question: whether closing tax loopholes is the same as raising someone’s taxes, since both result in that person paying more money to Uncle … Continue reading

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Why Republicans can’t make a deal on the ‘fiscal cliff’

I’m with Lindsey Graham, who said, “I think we’re going over the fiscal cliff” this past weekend. We are. And we are, because Congressional Republicans, and their ostensible leader, John Boehner, can’t make the deal they know they have to … Continue reading

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Remainders: science 1, vouchercare 0

In case you’ve been busy yelling at your GOP representative at a Medicare town hall, here are some stories you might have missed this week…

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