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Talk about your crazy gun nut manifesto

This man … is insane.

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What is wrong with these people?

Really, NRA?

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Wasserman Schultz not amused by opponent’s assassination fantasy

Did you hear the one about the Republican candidate who played target practice with the image of his opponent? And no, this one’s not about Dick Cheney… The Associated Press reports today that the South Florida-based Southeast Broward Republican Club … Continue reading

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Need someone to blame, Chicago? Try the nutjob right

I was just thinking, with the International Olympic Committee so heavily populated by Europeans, could Europe’s image of the U.S. have continued to play a role in our inability to win the games? When Bush was in, the world basically … Continue reading

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More crazy Pastor Anderson audio: says it wouldn’t be murder to kill the president

From an August 31 interview with XM radio host Michael Signorelli, our good friend “Pastor” Steven Anderson takes his rhetoric to a new level, saying that he wouldn’t consider it murder if someone were to kill the president, and he … Continue reading

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***UPDATE: TPM reports the Secret Service is keeping an eye on “Pastor” Anderson and his gun-toting parishioner, Chris Broughton (who has now joined Anderson in wishing the president dead, but who unlike Anderson, has not renounced using violence himself, to … Continue reading

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Meet the crazies

This paramilitary leader, a bachelor who slept with his gun Shirley, wrote of trying “to satisfy that primal urge that makes you want to kill.”

The quote is from a July 5, 1996 New York Times article about an Arizona militia group called the Vipers, which probably sounds familiar to you if you watched Countdown or Rachel Maddow’s shot tonight. The article profiled two members of the Viper Militia, a guy called Dean Pleasant, a chronically unemployed twenty-something (at the time) failed political candidate who according to a former roommate, never grew out of his G.I. Joe phase, and his then-32-year-old housemate “Randy L. Nelson, a house painter who called himself the Captain of the Viper Militia,” and as described in the quote, “slept with his beloved ‘Shirley,’ a Browning machine gun mounted on the headboard of his bed.” The two wound up in the middle of a scandal, a year after the infamous Oklahoma City bombing… Continue reading

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Chris Matthews, two birthers and a gymnasium full of firearms

On “Hardball” today, Chris Matthews drew out John Velleco, director of federal affairs for the radical group Gun Owners of America, and an apparent birther, who believes that it would be appropriate to have president of the United States speak … Continue reading

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The guns of August

My how times have changed. Remember the Bush era? Back in the day when you could get arrested for getting too close to a pre-screened, loyalty-oathed Dubya rally with an anti-Bush T-shirt on? During the Obama years, opponents of the … Continue reading

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