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My own, private Florida boycott

This week’s Herald column, in which I explain why I’m skipping Florida as a destination for awhile.

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August Busch IV’s epic ‘I quit you’ letter to the NRA

Cheers to you, sir.

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Senators who voted for and against gun safety: here’s when they’re up for re-election

Here’s a handy-dandy guide to the U.S. Senators who made a difference, for better or worse, on gun safety / reform, and when they’re up for re-election… Continue reading

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What is wrong with these people?

Really, NRA?

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Yes, NRA, guns ARE the problem

The slaughter at Sandy Hook Elementary in a small, safe suburb in Connecticut, by a deranged 20-year-old toting nearly a half dozen of his mother’s cherished guns (one of which he used to kill her), has led us to once … Continue reading

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This man will never let us have gun control

Michael Bloomberg is right, but it doesn’t matter. Wayne La Pierre’s NRA will never let gun control happen. And no American politician in current existence has the cojones to make him.

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Court halts Florida’s ‘doctor gag law’ (for now)

From Ropes and Gray, the law firm fighting Florida’s law barring doctors from discussing guns with their patients:

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Brady Center sues Florida, Rick Scott over doctors ‘gun gag’ law

After being hit with two lawsuits last week (over drug testing of state employees and muzzling doctors on the issue of guns,) Florida Gov. Rick Scott will stick Florida taxpayers with yet another legal bill.

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Docs call on Rick Scott to veto physician ‘gun gag’ law, or face lawsuit

A law firm representing several physician groups has sent a letter to Florida Gov. Rick Scott calling on him to veto a bill that would prevent doctors from discussing guns with their patients.

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If you should accidentally show your Glock, Florida’s got your back

Say you’re walking down the street with an AR-15 secreted under your arm or a Glock holstered around your waist; and a gust of wind blows back your military surplus-issue flak jacket from your weekend militia activity, revealing the muzzle … Continue reading

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