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Sir Harold shall not purse the Senate

Sometimes, political venue shopping can be a b–ch. Harold E. Ford Jr., the former Tennessee congressman who has sought to parlay his star power and Wall Street connections into a political career in New York, has decided not to challenge … Continue reading

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Sir Harold pastured by MSNBC

However will he fund the upkeep on the manor??? When Harold Ford Jr. appears on NBC’s “Meet the Press” this Sunday, it’ll be as chairman of the Democratic Leadership Council, according to a network release. On the show’s website, he’s listed … Continue reading

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And now, a little Harold Ford ridiculousness

Stephen Colbert entertains the frantic, fast-talkiin’ flip-floppery of Sir Harold Ford, who went on the show to recover from a previous Colbert drubbing. Watch as he switches positions on issues faster than a Republican votes “no”: The Colbert Report Mon … Continue reading

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Harold Ford: Just your average New Yorker

… except that no real New Yorker loves the smell of New York … but that didn’t stop Sir Harold from describing his love for that fresh subway in the morning aroma over a plate of Rooty Tooty Fresh and … Continue reading

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Brave New Films body checks Harold Ford

Sir Harold: meet Sir Flahbacks: Good luck with that in New York, man.

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The carpetbagger’s tale (or, is there a single good reason to elect Harold Ford Jr. to the Senate from New York?)

The answer to the question at the business end of the title, is, of course … no. These days, I write a lot about my transplanted home of Florida. But I did move here from New York (I was born … Continue reading

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Will the Cablinasian community rise to Tiger’s defense?

**UPDATE: More blonde bombshells for Tiger … details at the end of the post. (sigh) ** An AP article by a reporter named Jesse Washington states that Tiger’s multiple flings with non-black women are causing agita within the African-American community. … Continue reading

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