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UPDATED: Hate it a lot or hate it a little: Congressional leaders and the White House reach a debt ceiling deal

UPDATE: the House has passed the debt ceiling bill, 269-161. The Senate will take up the vote on Tuesday.

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Open thread: what should Obama and the Democrats do now?

The tea party isn’t budging, and John Boehner can’t control them in the House. The Reid bill doesn’t raise revenues, and we’re staring at an August 2nd deadline, which, by the way, is in a week. If you could advise … Continue reading

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Everyone’s mild about Harry: Reid’s plan to take center stage today

Is Harry Reid’s plan the way out of the debt ceiling impasse? Or is he preparing to give away the store?

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Norquist’s (fatal?) flip flop, and Democrats’ Bush tax cuts opportunity

Grover Norquist, the most powerful unelected person in the United States by some measures — and a man who controls nearly every Republican in Congress, may have just thrown the game.

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Washington searches for ‘plan B’ on debt ceiling **UPDATE 2: Obama’s presser, GOP in a box

UPDATE 2: The president concluded a nearly hour-long press conference in which he stated that raising the debt ceiling was not enough — that Congress must also tackle our long term debts. Obama said he remains hopeful that it can … Continue reading

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**UPDATED: Is John Boehner abandoning Paul Ryan just as Harry Reid preps a Senate vote on vouchercare?

Just when the town halls are starting to get interesting, is John Boehner leaving Paul Ryan and his vouchercare plan hanging? Meanwhile, Harry Reid is preparing to hang the rubbery plank over the side of the Senate ship, for Republicans … Continue reading

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Congress, White House reach budget deal, avert shut-down

Faced with the prospect of welching on paychecks to the troops, and dealing with a tea party demand that Planned Parenthood funding be sacrificed to avert a shut-down, House Speaker Boehner, Senate leader Harry Reid and President Obama finally hammer … Continue reading

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The suddenly not-so-lame, lame duck Senate **UPDATE**

UPDATE: Republican Senators are now conceding the START treaty is likely to be ratified this week. After two years in which it seemed the United States Senate couldn’t get anything done, suddenly, in the lame duck session, the 111th Senate … Continue reading

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DADT Repeal headed to the president’s desk

It’s a win for gay rights advocates and liberals who had been angry that President Obama hadn’t acted quickly enough on a campaign promise, and a major loss for John McCain, who became the single, angry face of opposition to … Continue reading

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As lame duck session begins, questions for Democrats

One question for Democrats as they kick off the last months of the 11th Congress: can they find a way to speed the glacial pace of action in the Senate? Another: is Nancy Pelosi the only man left on Capitol … Continue reading

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