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Florida to AIDS patients: drop dead

CORRECTED: When a government is in economic crisis, there must be budget cuts. I get that. You get that. But this? This is just cruel: After fighting off the prospect for a decade, Florida will be forced to start a … Continue reading

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Bill Clinton has heart surgery

The former president is said to be in good condition (and good spirits) after getting two stents implanted, to remove arterial blockage. Word is he did not have a heart attack, just some discomfort in the chest. Per MSNBC: “President … Continue reading

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Parent alert: British girl dies after HPV vaccination

This is disturbing for any parent who, like myself, has a teenaged or pre-teen daughter. From the Guardian: Natalie Morton was a pupil at the Blue Coat Church of England School in Coventry, where she was given the human papilloma … Continue reading

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The Obama presser: Cambridge police ‘stupid,’ insurance companies suck

Two villains emerged from tonight’s primetime press conference with the president: health insurance companies who are raking in huge profits by refusing coverage, and the Cambridge police who arrested Skip Gates, and who the president said “acted stupidly.” Okay, three: … Continue reading

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