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Gregory Meeks calls Sandy aid deniers ‘mean spirited’ … he might have added ‘hypocritical’

Visit NBCNews.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy Meeks called the Republicans who voted against Sandy aid “mean spirited…”

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(Video) The truth about Gingrich (as told by Republicans)

Forget what Team Obama would do to Presidential Candidate Newt Gingrich. The most devastating attacks on the tea party’s latest fiasco candidate are coming from other Republicans, starting with Ron Paul, who might be running the best advertising campaigns of … Continue reading

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Allen West to Black Dems: take my brother, please!

So Allen West’s brother Arlon is unemployed. So Allen, Mr. “Harriet Tubman leading the black man out of the Democratic plantation…” who you gonna call?

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Take that, little people: Rick Scott enjoys his cheap, taxpayer subsidized healthcare

When it comes to getting cheap health coverage for your family, it’s good to be the governor.

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Hypocrite of the week: Wikileaks’ Assange threatens employee leakers with $20 million fine

If Wikileaks does turn itself into a for-profit entity, auctioning off state secrets to the highest bidder, their new corporate slogan could be “don’t leak on me.” 

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Tea Party frosh want cuts for you, bucks for their districts (Plus, the GOP serves two masters)

Even a tea partyer knows you don’t get re-elected by denying your hometown money to build roads and bridges.

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**UPDATE** Oops: protest against WI GOPer reveals he’s moved out of the district … and in with his mistress

Wisconsin radio station owner and Republican State Senator Randy Hopper is in hot water … after supporting and voting for Scott Walker’s union-busting bill, he now faces a recall. And now that he’s quit her to move in with his … Continue reading

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(Video) Tea Party Republican asks: ‘Dude, where’s my Obamacare?’

Never let a little Ayn Randian selfishness slow you down, especially when it comes to demanding your government run healthcare — plus a public option — for your family, but not for millions of Americans, who kind of have families, … Continue reading

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Hypocrite: cost slashing NJ governor lived big on public dime

Add Chris Christie to the Marco Rubio Hall of “Ironically Big Spending Fiscal Conservatives.” It seems that when he was attorney general, the cost-slashing pol many Republicans (and many in the media) would like to see run for president, didn’t … Continue reading

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(Video) Lou Dobbs’ immigration stance invaded by hypocrisy

Lou Dobbs made a career out of railing against the “invasion” of the United States by “illegals” from Mexico. Luckily for him, once they got here, they quit invading and got busy tending his lawns. The Nation exposes Dobbs’ hypocrisy, … Continue reading

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