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John McCain is constantly morphing, yet consistently testy, immigration edition

I will freely admit that I don’t understand John McCain. The irascible Arizona Senator, who has made a career out of being nasty to anyone who opposes him (nastier still to anyone who beats him — just as George W. … Continue reading

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Unforced error: will Gingrich regret his debate answer on immigration?

There’s a kind of unwritten rule in the current Republican politics. Saying poor children should be made to clean their schools like the little urchins in Oliver Twist is fine. Saying the country should take a compassionate stance toward some … Continue reading

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Mitt, interrupted

At the CNN debate in Nevada, things just got out of hand. First, Rick Santorum interrupts Romney when he’s trying to wriggle out of his past support for spreading Romneycare far and wide… And then, Rick Perry won’t let Romney … Continue reading

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Florizona proposed immigration law: Canadians, Europeans ‘presumed legal’

A proposed Arizona-style immigration law for Florida, which Republican gubernatorial hopeful Rick Scott has pledged to sign if elected, would allow police to presume two groups of people to be in this country legally. Here’s a guess: none of those … Continue reading

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(Video) Lou Dobbs’ immigration stance invaded by hypocrisy

Lou Dobbs made a career out of railing against the “invasion” of the United States by “illegals” from Mexico. Luckily for him, once they got here, they quit invading and got busy tending his lawns. The Nation exposes Dobbs’ hypocrisy, … Continue reading

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Whitman’s former nanny: ‘I totally believe Nikki’

More trouble for Meg Whitman, as her former nanny steps forward to say she believes housekeeper Nikki Diaz’s story about working illegally with full knowledge of Whitman and her husband, and she calls the former Ebay CEO “cheap.” Ouch!

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Meg Whitman’s ‘housekeeper problem’, Hispanics and the GOP

Apart from the hypocrisy, the possibly lying, and the unprecedented offer by a gubernatorial candidate to take a polygraph, the Meg Whitman housekeeper drama says a lot about the Republican Party’s precarious position with Hispanic Americans.

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Ezra Klein: the case for more immigration

Ezra Klein makes a strong, economic case for increasing, rather than curtailing, legal immigration, and for legalizing those immigrants who are already here. Sure to make some tea partyers’ heads explode, and well worth reading. Read it here.

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Florida Senate race: Crist goes negative; Rubio hit on immigration; Biden comes to town

The Meek campaign came out swinging Friday over a Charlie Crist television commercial (airing as of today) that sheds the Sesame Street letters and gauzy “lines in the sand” and goes straight negative, picking up the Jeff Greene attacks on … Continue reading

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Why would the right want to ditch the 14th Amendment?

It was adopted in 1868 in the aftermath of the civil war, as part of the Reconstruction effort, designed to right the injustice of former slaves not being counted by the Constitution as human beings and citizens. It provides for … Continue reading

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