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You’re welcome, Connecticut

Not content to have pushed for preemptive military action in Iraq, Iran and Syria, now, your “Independent” Senator would like the U.S. to “act” in Yemen. “Somebody in our government said to me in Sana’a, the capital of Yemen, Iraq … Continue reading

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George Will to Dick Cheney: some ‘dithering’ before Iraq invasion would have come in handy

George Will scores the quote of the day on “This Week”: “A bit of dithering might have been in order before we went into Iraq in pursuit of non-existent weapons of mass destruction,” Meanwhile, the panelists must have felt somewhat … Continue reading

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Baghdad: worst city in the world

… according to the Telegraph. And several cities in the Congo rank among the worst as well. Surprise! All ten “best” cities were in Europe, except for one: Vancouver, British Columbia.

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What Dick Cheney didn’t say

When Dick Cheney mounted his full-throated defense of the previous administration’s national security state at the curiously named American Enterprise Institute this afternoon, he made his core argument (that the Bush-Cheney torture and surveillance programs should be praised by a … Continue reading

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The real reason for Operation Get Nancy

The goal of the GOP attacks on Nancy Pelosi, which have succeeded in leading the credulous media down a pointless path, is clear: to kill any real investigation into Bush-Cheney-era torture, because such an investigation would inevitably lead to the … Continue reading

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A media rarity: questioning torture for war

There are exactly FOUR TV/cable reporters covering the torture for war bombshell, and all four of them are on MSNBC: Here’s one of them: David Shuster: The others are Chris Matthews, who is interviewing former NBC investigative producer David Windrem … Continue reading

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The next time Dick Cheney does an interview…

I hope someone will ask him about the emerging evidence that despite his increasingly desperate attempts to shape history, the Bush-Cheney torture program was not about protecting Americans from an imminent “ticking time bomb” attack — but rather was a … Continue reading

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Levin doesn’t make the rounds

You’d think that given the serial bombshells that dropped from the Senate Arms Services Committee report, that the chair of that committee, whose name has become synonymous with the bombshells, would have been a prime booking for the Sunday chat … Continue reading

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Torture, secret detentions and Europe strikes back

On the radar today: It’s not just Spain. Other NATO allies are considering perusing torture prosecutions against CIA and Bush administration officials if the Obama administration doesn’t. Meanwhile, British officials have released new information about the Bush administration attempts to … Continue reading

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Is it time to pardon Lynndie England?

Lynndie England did time for Abu Ghraib while the architects walked Given that we now know that the abuses at Abu Ghraib did indeed flow from Gitmo, and ultimately, from the Pentagon and White House (which many of us long … Continue reading

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