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Sink, Scott, other Florida candidates (finally) weigh in on ‘Burn a Koran’ stunt **UPDATED**

From the in-box, Alex Sink has issued a statement condemning the planned “Burn a Koran Day” at the Dove Outreach Center in Gainesville, FL, associating herself with Gen. Petraeus’ warnings about the publicity stunt: “I stand with General Petraeus in … Continue reading

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Days later, Hasan still acted alone

The right wing deeply wants, even needs, for Nidal Hasan to be a part of some vast, international Islamofascist plot, for which the only conceivable answer is a religious purge (or a war). Their apparatchiks in Congress, including the loathsome … Continue reading

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Burning questions: was Michael Jackson a Muslim?

His brother Jermaine, who converted to Islam some time ago, said to his brother, “may Allah be with you always” at the close of his press conference following Michael’s death, and news reports last November did say Jackson made the … Continue reading

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President Obama’s historic speech in Cairo

The president delivered an historic address at Cairo University. The full text is here. It ended with an incredible flourish, that includes a quote from my favorite book of the Bible: the book of Mathew:We have the power to make … Continue reading

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Obama in Turkey seeks repair with Muslim world

President Obama’s first speech in a Muslim country took place this morning (our time) in Turkey. President Barack Obama sought Monday to make American amends with the Islamic world after eight years of tension, declaring in a speech to the … Continue reading

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Talk about Rovian tactics…

Barack Obama greeting crowds in Kenya in August 2006.You won’t see this photo circulated by the Clinton campaign… So Hillary is pissed that Barack Obama’s campaign circulated mailers that pointed out that she’s prepared to garnish wages to achieve mandated, … Continue reading

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Oy, Mohamad!

Guess what will be the most popular name in Great Britain by year’s end? Mohammad. Interesting.

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Barack Obama: super-duper terrorist prodigy!

Leave it to the right to even screw up a smear. Insight Magazine’s fairy tale that Barack Obama attended a Muslim “madrassa” school when he was but 6 years old has traversed the planes of right wing hackery, sling-shotting from … Continue reading

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