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Notes on Florida: Rubio’s sprint to the center, and the Empire strikes back

A few quick notes that I neglected to articulate on MSNBC this morning, on the Arizona, and especially the Florida primaries. The “Empire Strikes Back” theme, which I’d love to take credit for, but which actually comes from the analysis … Continue reading

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McCain dumps Crist; Rubio, Florida GOP face federal probe

How much does it suck to be John McCain these days? He can’t even enjoy back-stabbing Charlie Crist to glomm onto Marco Rubio (the way he glommed onto that young Palin gal) for a full day without his new ticket … Continue reading

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Grumpy old man: McCain buries the ‘maverick’

Somebody better send the revised talking points to Sarah Palin: John McCain really, really doesn’t want to be a maverick any more. Now get off his lawn!

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No point waiting by the phone, John

John McCain tells The Hill he’d gladly campaign for Charlie Crist … if he asked …

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Say it ain’t so, Joe

Another one of John McCain’s bad choices in 2008 comes back to haunt him… (ht to Ben Smith) And Joe did something else that, besides turning the Palin traveling circus against him, is sure to make him the bete noire … Continue reading

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Bring back Glass-Steagall! John McCain (and Maria Cantwell)’s very good idea

TDB has a piece focusing on one way Sen. John McCain could use his trademark peevishness for good: The Obama administration is talking tough but acting tame with respect to Wall Street. But a pair of senators is coming out … Continue reading

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Chasing Sarah Palin chasing the news

*It is no longer possible to hide the decline of a once great newspaper, no longer possible to hide the decline of the paper that broke the Watergate story, but is now hanging itself on the Climategate story,” writes James … Continue reading

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Sarah’s uncivil war

Whoever is advising Sarah Palin (and ghost writing that Facebook page) has a clear strategy in mind: scour the landscape for “maverick” opportunities — issues and events that Sarah can be injected into, in order to gain her more attention … Continue reading

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Town hall incoming!

There will be protests tomorrow at yet another tedious healthcare town hall meeting, this time at Hialeah Hospital, featuring not just John McCain, but also the eyebrowless wonder, Mitch McConnell. Should be good blogging (if it happens)… Sez the Herald: … Continue reading

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John McCain: Politics today, politics tomorrow, politics forevah!

Who does John McCain think he’s impressing by pledging to oppose Judge Sonia Sotomayor’s nomination to the Supreme Court? The right? They already hate his guts. And with 2010 looming, and we’re assuming he’s still running for re-election, he can’t … Continue reading

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