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This week’s Herald column: So long, 2013. Stuff we learned this year

For my final Herald column of 2013, I decided to take a look back at some of the things we learned this year, most of them unfortunate…

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(Video) Flashback: Joy on Hardball, on that strange, bloody Zimmerman photo

I’ve gotten a lot of comments about this April 20 segment, so here it is again. I still have the same question, several days later: who took that picture allegedly of George Zimmerman’s bloody head on the night he shot … Continue reading

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Video: Krystal Ball and Joy on ‘Martin Bashir’, talking Rush ‘the woman hater’ Limbaugh

As you watch this, recall that at no time has Sandra Fluke discussed her sexual habits. She testified before Congress about a friend who had an ovarian condition that required the pill — for non-sexual reasons. That said, who cares … Continue reading

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Race, Romney and what Jimmy Williams and I actually said about South Carolina

Today’s discussion on “NOW With Alex Wagner” about Mitt Romney, race, religion and the South Carolina primary sparked all kinds of debate online. Some of it was even wildly inaccurate. For starters, here’s the segment in which Democratic strategist Jimmy … Continue reading

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Today’s Herald column: Gov. Rick Scott’s plutocratic Florida (with bonus David Brooks)

Why did Rick Scott want to be governor? Clearly, not for the public service, and unless he’s a really bad businessman, not necessarily to make a personal profit (at least not while in office.) So what does this guy want? … Continue reading

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This week’s Herald column: Florida Democrats in the wilderness

What’s a Democrat to do with zero power in Tallahassee?

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My Thanksgiving Herald column: a little chat with my American family

It’s Thanksgiving, which means many of us will spend the day watching football, eating too much and pretending not to be annoyed by our relatives. There will, of course, be that family member who shows up, has a few too … Continue reading

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Today’s Herald column: the politicians we deserve (plus: nasty email of the day)

I’ve already gotten lots of responses on this, so thanks to everyone who emailed or Tweeted. I’ve tried to respond to as many as I can, but am getting a bit overwhelmed. (The only column that got more response was … Continue reading

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Herald column up: what Tuesday’s primaries can teach Florida

Sharing the op-ed page with one of my favorite people today. Read Marlon Hill’s piece about Jamaica’s turmoil here, and my column on the lessons Tuesday’s primaries could hold for upcoming races in Florida here. Happy Thursday.

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Miami Herald column up and running. Today’s topic: nanny state conservatives

My new Herald column is up. Spiffy preview after the jump.

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