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What’s the frequency, Eric?

Why is Eric Holder’s Justice Department spending time (and tax money) on John Edwards, but dragging its feet on John Ensign? And what about those torture guys?

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Holder unleashed? Justice drops Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, DOMA defense

Donald Rumsfeld, Paul Wolfowitz and other neocons from the George W. Bush administration can continue to fight accusations that they kidnapped and tortured American citizen Jose Padilla, but they’ll no longer have the Justice Department’s lawyers in their corner.

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Remainders: Et tu, Lou?

The Obama administration putting the justice back in the Justice Department’s civil rights division, including getting rid of a few really bad apples. WTF??? Lou Dobbs must really want to be a member of Congress, because now, after all that … Continue reading

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9/11 suspects to finally be tried

After seven years of the Bush administration arresting paint ball afficionadoes, wayward gang members, and oddly religioned karate-men, we’re finally going to see justice done to some of the people actually involved in 9/11. And isn’t that a change of … Continue reading

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Is Gonzo channeling Dubya against Cheney?

Alberto Gonzales wasn’t exactly what you’d call a “competent” attorney general. In fact, when he had the job, he seemed to think his role was to be the president’s lawyer, rather than ours. (In his defense, he did used to … Continue reading

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President Obama is still wrong on torture

The reiterations of the Obama policy on the Sunday shows this morning do not convince. On this one, the administration is dead wrong. Well, let me back up a bit. I suppose I can understand the practical reasons for granting … Continue reading

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The torture turf war

Stipulating that the various, clackety strains of “conservatives,” including the folks over at the Wall Street Journal op-ed desk (who published a piece by Bush’s CIA director and second round A.G., decrying the Obama administration’s release of the torture memos, … Continue reading

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Bush-era torture tapes, memos released

It’s official. After September 11, 2001, George W. Bush was crowned Julius Caesar by his Justice Department. Proof? The current J.D. released two memos issued by the Bush Office of Legal Counsel (OLC) and seven previously undisclosed opinions, all of … Continue reading

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Poll: Most Americans say, ‘investigate the bastard’

Dubya flipped off the Constitution, too… A new poll shows that Americans want at least for there to be an investigation of torture under the Bush regime. Even as Americans struggle with two wars and an economy in tatters, a … Continue reading

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Obama’s Big First Day

President Obama gets to work early, and gets to work. Among the news today: An executive order mandating the closure of the notorious Guantanamo Bay gulag within 12 months, along with George Bush’s disgraceful network of secret CIA prisons and … Continue reading

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