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How to avoid being taken to the cleaners by a Republican consultant

Hi there. If you’re a conservative billionaire or even just a right wing multimillionaire (don’t worry, you’ll get there…) who’s been parted from a handsome chunk of money this election cycle, by Ralph Reed or Karl Rove, or any of … Continue reading

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Five questions for Tuesday

Tuesday is the day Occupy Wall Street marches on Rupert Murdoch and Jamie Dimon (boy is Dimon gonna be even MORE whiney now…) Here are five other things to think about.

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The new normal: millionaire funding Rove ops in KY prosecuted by Conway for alleged nursing home abuse

This is politics in the New Normal as created by the Five Corporate Justices of the Supreme Court in Citizens United. CEO skips out on his hospital company amid record Medicare Fraud, gets sued over more Medicare fraud, hides depo … Continue reading

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Who is buying our elections?

I was sitting in the green room at 30 Rock recently with a security expert who was waiting to go on air, and we started discussing the flap over where the Karl Rove-Ed Gillespie Group, “American Crossroads”/Crossroads GPS, and the … Continue reading

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Karl Rove ‘Super-PAC’ helping Rubio

A Karl Rove “independent expenditure” group that ABC News has labeled a “super-PAC” — formed in the wake of the Citizens United decision, which unleashed corporate money directly into campaigns in an unprecedented fashion this year, is going to bat … Continue reading

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Megs to Turd Blossom: you’re creepy

The would-be first daughter vows to take Twitter back from the creepy people (like Rove, who’se … hehehe … following her …) while a snarky Slater says Meghan, you ARE the creepy people.

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Karl Rove: Master of the universe

It’s one of those wonders of nature that Karl Rove is still walking around among us, a free man. The guy who was instrumental in everything from election theft and phony voter fraud searches to political prosecutions to outing a … Continue reading

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Is it a coincidence…

…that ABC News added Bush flak (and contempt of Congress candidate) Karl Rove to its “This Week” roundtable lineup, while the advertising between segments is from BP, Bank of America and Chevron?

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Mining the Huffpo: the Bush blotter

Two must-read articles on the HuffPo, both having to do with the legal twists and turns of the former president. First up: Bush’s last minute end run around accountability, in the form of letters issued to memebers of his now … Continue reading

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Conyers tries again

John Conyers discovers his gavel, now that the Bushies have left town.

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