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Wednesday morning round-up: Keith vs Rachel, Palin vs Bachmann, PA GOP vs teachers, and another headless body scam

  A few thinks to take a look at this morning: Your “yes we can” moment of the day: Denver elects its second black mayor, and it’s an underdog story for the ages. Your “oh now they didn’t” moment of … Continue reading

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Keith Olbermann’s new gig **UPDATED**

So … Keith Olbermann will make a comeback, it seems … courtesy of one Albert Gore.

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Clarence Thomas can’t figure out forms, SCOTUS hypocrisy, Beck’s ratings plunge and other ICYMI clicks

So … if a guy can’t figure out how to properly fill out his federal disclosure forms, does he really belong on the Supreme Court …? That question may be rattling around inside the heads of Clarence Thomas critics, after … Continue reading

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I live in a world where Glenn Beck has a cable TV show … and Keith Olbermann doesn’t

… and you do too. Here’s Keith’s sign-off: Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy And here’s the back-story …

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Friday clicks: and the winner is …

… according to Charles Krauthammer, the winner is Barack Hussein Obama, who the conservative columnist now dubs the new “comeback kid.” Go figure… Among Krauthammer’s points is that Republicans look stupid killing the omnibus spending bill over $8 billion in … Continue reading

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(Video) Olbermann’s comeback mixes comedy, thanks

Well played, Mr. Olbermann … well played …

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He’s baaaack! Keith Olbermann to return to MSNBC Tuesday

Here’s the statement from Phil Griffin that moved Sunday night, courtesy of the outfit that started all this: Politico: “After several days of deliberation and discussion, I have determined that suspending Keith through and including Monday night’s program is an … Continue reading

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Mediaite, Fox News (and Politico) heaven: Keith Olbermann suspended **UPDATE 2**

Sit back, relax, and feel the schadenfreude… (Latest updates, including what Rachel Maddow said about the suspension tonight, at the end of the post)…

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(Video) ICYMI, Keith Olbermann’s special comment: if the tea party wins, America loses

A link to the transcript after the jump. Hat tip to reader E.T. for the reminder this morning:

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Schmucks of the week: dumpsters and little pink houses

It was tough call this week, because there were just … so … many … schmucks … and the “small people” guy gets a pass this week due to the language barrier, so don’t look for him on the list. … Continue reading

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