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The president’s Labor Day address: ‘the fight for America continues’ **UPDATED**

Here’s the speech. Every Democrat in America should watch this once a day for the next 57 days. The takeaway, this is about whether we keep moving forward, or we start going backward. Watch: More after the jump.

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The Labor Day speech President Obama should give

On Labor Day, many Americans will be thinking about jobs, and steaming about the economy even while they fire up the barbecue. Here’s the speech I wish President Obama would give, to restore the faith of Democrats and independents, and … Continue reading

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On Labor Day, not-so-happy labor

The New York Times details the angst that Big Labor is feeling over the Obama presidency so far; angst that’s shared by many of us who were, and are, in the president’s corner. And it’s not just the administration’s meandering … Continue reading

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