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On politics: the “both sides” canard

David Frum attempts to get a conversation going, but he could have stopped with the photo, which by itself suggests the answer to his question: Enough said?

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Michael Moore: ‘punish Connecticut’ (plus: can you recall a Senator?)

… for electing Joe Lieberman. The filmmaker Tweeted for a boycott of the state unless it initiates a recall of the duplicitous Indepdent Senator, who it’s clear will pay no price for gutting healthcare reform on behalf of his state’s … Continue reading

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Ropeadope: some wonder if Obama played the left

As the healthcare bill finally emerges as Democrats’ worst nightmare: a law forcing every American to purchase private health insurance whether they want to or not (wouldn’t it be great for Pizza Hut and Dominos if Congress would pass a … Continue reading

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David Gregory: ‘the left’ opposes Afghan escalation … George Will: ‘I oppose Afghan escalation’

David Gregory’s Fox News audition continued this week, as he inexplicably couched opposition to the president’s Afghanistan troop increase in partisan terms: MR. GREGORY (to Bob Woodward): All right, I’ve just got a couple minutes left. Let’s bring it back … Continue reading

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Howard Dean leads the way, gives Dobbs the old ‘heave ho’

Here’s a thought: those in the rational end of the gene pool here in the United States, and who are sick of the increasingly crazed, dangerous, homicidal tone of the right wing fringe (which increasingly includes supposedly mainstream cable television … Continue reading

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