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Wednesday clicks: ‘a capitulation of dramatic proportions’, 111 productivity, and bring back ROTC!

That’s not the Firedoglake crowd or Adam Green talking about President Obama. This time, it’s Lindsey Graham, who doesn’t hold back his opinions about what his Senate colleagues did during the lame duck. Case in point: Linsdey and his whiny … Continue reading

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Did Michael Bloomberg really say Congress is full of illiterate hicks?

Why yes, he did…

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P.M. clicks: Colbert advises Miss Lindsey, Milbank advises Charlie

Dana Milbank is fed up with the GOP’s purge of reasonable moderates. So you may now put him squarely in the “run, Charlie run” camp. (BTW, if you’re as intrigued by the potential Florida Senate free-for-all as I am, you … Continue reading

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P.M. clicks: Biden fired up, pardon Miss Lindsey, and Arizona is the new Virginia

Don’t get Joe Biden started! The veep got his whoop on during a speech to Rubinites, railing that Democrats need to make sure the middle class comes first in the economy recovery. Go Joe! Arizona is officially the new Virginia. … Continue reading

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Are white conservatives suffering from ‘discrimination envy?’

//So I went and committed myself to taking part in this multi-part “conversation on race” over at Open Salon. (Had I known it was going to be this much work I might have thought better of it, but there you … Continue reading

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Lindsey Graham: Sotomayor should apologize to white people

We have truly entered the Bizarro World of right wing politics. Senator Lindsey Graham, who represents South Carolina, the first state to secede from the Union, and a former bastion of slavery and Jim Crow, has now officially demanded that … Continue reading

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The CNN torture echo chamber

Has CNN adopted an editorial policy of ignoring altogether, the finding reported last week by McClatchy, that the serial torture of “high value detainees” Khalid Sheikh Muhammad and Abu Zubaydah was done not to prevent another terrorist attack, but rather … Continue reading

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Meet the Press disappointment

What a letdown. I was all prepared to give Brian Williams a chance as the temporary moderator of MTP, which has been part of the Sunday staple in our house for a decade, any my life for long before that. … Continue reading

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Things that are … unhelpful …

Forgetting what you just said like, three days ago, when age is an issue in your campaign… From Balloon Juice: McCain, in Louisiana on Tuesday, in front of a lime-green banner: I commend both Senators Obama and Clinton for the … Continue reading

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The adventures of Baghdad John (and his good friend, Baghdad Lindsey!)

John McCain finally gets to take his Baghdad stroll, 3 minutes from the Green Zone in a crowded market, surrounded by “100 American soldiers, with three Blackhawk helicopters, and two Apache gunships overhead.” … and all the sweet, tasty dates … Continue reading

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