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The twisted world of Liz Cheney

Several profiles, including this long one in the New Yorker, paint a picture of nepotism, merit-free career rides, almost pathological daddy worship and an increasingly twisted sense of reality, all wrapped up in one petite mother of five and “gutter … Continue reading

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Morning clicks: Massa’s new right wing boyfriends, unqualified Liz defended

Burning questions for today: will newly minted right wing darling and homoeroticist extraordinaire Eric Massa flirt with Glenn Beck on Fox tonight? … Will he wind up sharing a shower with Rush Limbaugh at some time in the near future? … Continue reading

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Morning clicks: nobody likes Liz, frackin’ A

Has Liz Cheney finally gone too far, with her “Al-Qaida Seven” gambit? Signs point to yes. Meanwhile, why isn’t her partner in crime, neocon chickenhawk Bill Kristol getting more heat? Meanwhile, it’s official: Eric Massa is a frackin’ idiot. And … Continue reading

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Remainders: the right wing nut house

From ThinkProgress: surprise, surprise, the man who shot two police officers in front of the Pentagon was a right wing, anti-government extremist, whom the right will attempt to pass off as a left wing, 9/11 “truther.” John Patrick Bedell is … Continue reading

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Rubio and the Bushies: Cheney, Matalin and Iraq war spokesman to fundraise

Marco Rubio is already the darling of the Club for Growth, the tea party movement, Jeb Bush and the privatize Social Security crowd. Now, he can add to his list of friends: Liz Cheney, Mary Matalin and a whole lot … Continue reading

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If Pol Pot had a daughter…

… she would probably be a lot like Liz Cheney … On another note, our bridge trolly friend has launched a brand new think tank to try and keep her father’s torture and war machine alive (and to push for … Continue reading

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Gonzo begs to differ

… with himself, over whether or not he supports a limited CIA torture investigation.

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The Wednesday funnies: The Cheney Bunch

**Bump** Dick Cheney’s newly public, chatty persona (and his daughter’s) just begs for a parody. Here it is:

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John Landay’s Cheney smackdown. Look for the media to ignore it.

McClatchy News’ national security reporter Jonathan Landay breaks down the Dick Cheney torture jeremiad, and finds it wanting… Former Vice President Dick Cheney’s defense Thursday of the Bush administration’s policies for interrogating suspected terrorists contained omissions, exaggerations and misstatements. In … Continue reading

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Liz Cheney: one nasty piece of work…

Did you catch Liz Cheney’s act on Stephanopoulos on Sunday? Sorry to be slow on the uptake, but my Tivo failed and I just caught it last night. Watch if for yourself here and here. Spoiler alert: the Cheney apple … Continue reading

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