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‘All about Sarah’: with media’s enthusiastic aid, Palin hijacks Rolling Thunder vets event **UPDATE: photo caption contest

Sarah Palin is not running for president, but she is hijacking Memorial Day.

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Easy, media: Marco Rubio already has a wife

… the cooing and cuddling of the media’s newest Republican sensation (sorry Scott Brown and Chris Christie and Bob McDonnell and … well whoever else is a Republican …) is getting just a bit nauseating … just sayin’ …

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Poll: Is the media discouraging Democratic voters?

In the wake of the 2000 presidential voting debacle, many in the mainstream media questioned their own role in “calling the race too early,” and the role of exit polls, in possibly causing voters in later time zones, including on … Continue reading

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E.J. Dionne explains it all: the mainstream media fears the right

A little nugget, courtesy of Politico’s Mike Allen: WHAT WE LEARNED THIS WEEK — E.J. DIONNE JR., in Monday’s Investor’s Business Daily, on liberal media guilt, with a shout to Ben Smith: “The administration’s response to the doctored video … … Continue reading

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Not for nothing, but the media bought Breitbart’s snake oil, too

The Shirley Sherrod fiasco has made the White House and the NAACP look foolish, and forced the Obama administration to waste two whole news days when they should have been leading the cheering section for finreg and unemployment insurance. But … Continue reading

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A little perspective on Democrats and Brown, plus something really imporant

I realize that Politico’s meme of the day, based on 2/3 of the articles on the front page this morning is that based on the Massachusetts election, in which a majority of voters elected someone who still hasn’t call himself … Continue reading

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Chasing Sarah Palin chasing the news

*It is no longer possible to hide the decline of a once great newspaper, no longer possible to hide the decline of the paper that broke the Watergate story, but is now hanging itself on the Climategate story,” writes James … Continue reading

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Axelrod states the obvious: Fox is not ‘news’

Why is this still surprising to anyone? We all know what Fox is, and accept it. What would have really been newsworthy would have been Axelrod taking a firm position on whether the president will or won’t sign a healthcare … Continue reading

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Howard Dean leads the way, gives Dobbs the old ‘heave ho’

Here’s a thought: those in the rational end of the gene pool here in the United States, and who are sick of the increasingly crazed, dangerous, homicidal tone of the right wing fringe (which increasingly includes supposedly mainstream cable television … Continue reading

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The political-media complex’s tortured logic

Glenn Greenwald concludes, quite rightly, that the political-media class is too corrupt to really take on torture, at least not above the level of “rogue interrogators” (which I guess means guys who don’t have cushy jobs at Berkely or the … Continue reading

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